10 Types of Academic Essays Explained

Most learners experience problems when it comes to writing essays. The primary reason is that they do not fully know what it should be like. Essays are aimed at showing one’s personal opinion on a particular subject matter. To write an excellent essay, it is vital to know the various type of academic essay and what each of them requires. There are ten types of academic essays that exist. They include;

  • Descriptive essay

A descriptive essay is a type of essay that is mainly designed for explaining details of the subject matter. For example, a learner can be given an object and then required to describe its features. In this case, the learner must provide a vivid description of how the object looks, works or even smells. The role of the writer or learner is to paint the picture of the object with their own words. This genre also encourages the ability of learners to create a written account of a given experience. The learner can be told to describe his/her emotional experience of previous events. It should be noted that every detail counts when writing a descriptive essay.

  • Definition essay

Unlike a descriptive essay that gives value to describe an experience or objects, definition essays focus on defining a subject. The subject given can be a word, a place, a person or merely an abstract concept. While writing a definition essay, one is required to deeply explain something on a higher level, relative to the dictionary definition of the subject. To get the full comprehension of the subject given, the perception of individuals about it and what it is associated with, the writer must delve into the subject.

  • Compare and contrast essay

Compare and contrast essay purposes top dwell upon the similarities and differences that exist between different events, objects or concepts. Simply put, it explores the similarities and differences between two different objects. For example, a writer may be expected to compare and contrast two books from the same historical time period. Here, the writer is expected to have explicit knowledge of what the subjects given have in common and what differentiates them. To do this, the writer must be well informed of the two subject matter to provide the reader with a clear comparison between them.

  • Cause and effect essay

Cause and effect essay is mainly destined to focus on the order of events and their results. The essay explores the reasons or causes for an event then evaluates the results; effects. They are sometimes called reason and result essays. The writer is required to draw a logical connection of the details of the events, their causes and effects.

  • Narrative essay

A narrative essay is one of the common forms of essays in academic writing. It involves the writer telling a tale about a particular event in their personal life. The story can be about the best book one has ever read, a movie you once watched, everyday activity or own experiences in one’s life. When writing a narrative essay, one must remember that the aim is not just telling an entertaining story but also giving a justification for it. in short, the intention is not only to tell an exciting tale but to display the reason for the story and the significance of the experience.

  • Process essay

A process essay is one of the rare essays given for learners to write in academic learning. This essay is comparable to cause and effect essay in that it requires some understanding of the subject before writing on it. It is mostly known as a “HOW to” essay. It focuses on informing the reader on how something is done by teaching them steps that should be followed to reach the desired objective.

  • Argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is the most useful essay for every learner in any level of education. This type of essay present argument on a subject matter on both sides. It can be that one side is forcefully presented than the bother or equally balanced. Its ultimate goal is to persuade the reader to heed to the writer’s viewpoint. When writing this essay, the writer must provide accurate facts, clear illustrations and use firm language to prove their points. While presenting your argument, your paper must contain the antidote to the critic of your perspectives.

  • Critical essay

Critical essay, also known as analysis essay, mainly stresses on the firm or weak attributes of something. It is aimed at describing the features of the subject to make the reader understand what the writer consider positive or negative about it. Simply put, the writer analyses, interprets and evaluates the text by making a claim then supporting that claim with substantial evidence.

  • Expository essay

This is a genre of essay that requires learners to investigate an idea, explore the evidence, expound on the concept and clearly and concisely, set forth an argument for it. It can be an evaluation or argumentation of a particular subject matter.

  • Persuasive essay

A persuasive essay is the opposite of the argumentative essay. Its focus is to completely change the viewpoint of the reader and take the author’s perspective as an axiom. In most cases, this kind of essay deals with subjects that are current and relevant today. The writer uses his/her words as a tool to convince the reader to buy into his viewpoint.

Bottom – line

The essays mentioned above are the most common type of essays that are widespread in academic life. Each of them requires specific skills and abilities to write. Equipping yourself with what every essay requires of you is the necessary ingredient for developing a quality essay.

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