1) Please review Chapters 3, “The Corporate Income Tax,” and Chapter 4, “Corporate Non-Liquidating Distributions.

2)Please look up and provide a 5 sentence summary for each of the following 4 Internal Revenue Codes:

a) IRC 172 relating to NOLS

b)IRC 267 relating to Related Party Transactions

c)IRC 170 Relating to Charitable Deductions

d)IRC 243 relating to Dividend Received Deductions. Here I also want you to refer to IRS Publication 542 to tell me the “limits” on these Dividend Received Deductions. All this can be found on Google and again, I just want you to get familiar with the terms and the IRS sources that exist to help the taxpayer.

3)I want you to also get familiar with the Tax Court Rulings which are used as precedents for many Tax Cases. Thus, I want you to review a very famous Tax Case called “Commissioner vs Duberstein” and I want you to tell me in at least 5 sentences the issues of the case and how the court decided at the end. This can also be found on Google.

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