Cancerous Headlines

Imagine you have been hired as a writer for the “Health & Beauty” section of your local newspaper. Your editor has asked you to write an informative article about breast cancer OR prostate cancer. You can decide which of those topics you want to research.

To help you with your research, you should visit the National Cancer Institute website:

  • Select the cancer topic you have chosen for your newspaper article.
  • Hover over the “Cancer Types” menu option and click on your selected topic.
  • Use the information on this site to help you write your article.

After completing your research, write a newspaper article about your chose topic. This article must be written in your own words and should be at least three paragraphs in length. Be sure to address the following topics.

  • Paragraph 1: Background information about the reproductive organ and the type of cancer
  • Paragraph 2: Risk Factors
  • Paragraph 3: Tips for Prevention

Make sure you catch your reader’s attention with a creative headline!

Save your assignment as outlined below and upload your assignment under 4.3 Assignment in the course. Click here for more information on submitting assignments.

Save As: firstinitial_lastname_assignment4_3

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