1. A patient has a history of being allergic to penicillin. What code should be assigned?
  2. R29.4
  3. Z88.0
  4. O92.0
  5. B38.3
  6. A patient is diagnosed with anemia and requires a blood transfusion. The code for anemia would be

found in category codes

  1. A00–B99.
  2. S00–T88.
  3. F01–F99.
  4. D50–D89.
  5. A patient diagnosed with neuromyelitis optica would be assigned to category
  6. I25
  7. K28
  8. G36.0
  9. L40
  10. A patient diagnosed with a benign neoplasm of the colon would be assigned to
  11. D19.7.
  12. D12.6.
  13. D18.0.
  14. D14.1.
  15. The code for hypersecretion of calcitonin includes
  16. cystic fibrosis.
  17. C-cell hyperplasia of thyroid.
  18. thyroiditis.
  19. sick-euthyroid syndrome.
  20. An “Includes” note provides
  21. further definition of what’s included in a category.
  22. examples of the types of characters included in a code.
  23. a list of main terms in a particular code category.
  24. a list of subterms in a specific subcategory.
  25. A patient is diagnosed with alpha thalassemia. The coder mistakenly assigns code D50.0. What correct

ICD-10 code should be assigned?

  1. D56.2.
  2. D56.0.
  3. D72.8.
  4. D53.0.
  5. The diagnosis of conjunctivitis would be coded using
  6. K00–K95
  7. C00–D49
  8. P00–P96
  9. H00–H59
  10. A diagnosis with an associated complication would be assigned to a/an
  11. combination code.
  12. Z code.
  13. status code.
  14. External Cause of Injury code.
  15. The External Cause codes
  16. appear only on the maternal record.
  17. are excluded from consideration in obstetrical coding.
  18. are always reported as a first-listed diagnosis.
  19. are never reported as a first-listed diagnosis.
  20. In the outpatient setting,
  21. uncertain diagnoses are reported.
  22. uncertain diagnoses are listed for malignant neoplasm codes only.
  23. uncertain diagnoses are not reported.
  24. a query must always be sent to the physician.
  25. The ICD-10 code for unspecified tularemia is
  26. A21.7.
  27. A21.9.
  28. A21.1.
  29. A21.2.
  30. Laceration of the posterior tibial artery of the right leg is assigned to code
  31. S85.181.
  32. S85.179.
  33. S85.171.
  34. S85.172.
  35. A code has five characters and requires a seventh character. If a sixth character isn’t available, what

should the coder do?

  1. Use a placeholder X for the sixth character.
  2. Use placeholder Y as the seventh character
  3. Insert a “?” in the seventh character field
  4. Query the provider for the seventh character
  5. “Code first” and “Use additional code” are examples of
  6. I-8 conventions.
  7. subcategory notations.
  8. the etiology/manifestation guideline.
  9. the Includes notation.
  10. What is the I-10 code for type 1 neurofibromatosis?
  11. Q62.58
  12. Q74.18
  13. Q85.01
  14. Q45.21
  15. Code category H66.3 instructs the coder to
  16. use H72.- for any associated perforated tympanic membrane.
  17. use an additional code for history of tobacco abuse.
  18. use an additional code for an adverse effect of a medication.
  19. assign a Z code, if necessary.
  20. A Scenario flag (fourth field) tells the coder
  21. that the target codes combine to make a viable scenario.
  22. the target codes used for mapping I-8 to I-9.
  23. that the source codes map to one or more target codes.
  24. the number of various combinations of diagnoses included in the source code.
  25. O41.121 indicates that the patient has
  26. cesarean delivery.
  27. normal delivery.
  28. first trimester chorioamnionitis.
  29. placenta membrane disruption.

End of exam

  1. Phrases such as associated with, due to, or with mention of are examples of
  2. adjectives.
  3. connecting words.
  4. subterms.
  5. main terms.

Procedure Coding With ICD-10-PCS

  1. The process of breaking solid matter within a specific part of the body into different pieces is called
  2. reattachment.
  3. dilation.
  4. fragmentation.
  5. inspection.
  6. Code K11.5 would be assigned for which condition?
  7. PTP
  8. Necrotizing ulcerative stomatitis
  9. Ptyalolithiasis
  10. Granuloma inguinale
  11. What is the code for extraction of the vein in the left foot using an open approach?
  12. 06DR0ZZ
  13. 06DT3ZZ
  14. 06DV0ZZ
  15. 06DQ4ZZ
  16. What is the correct code for an ulnar nerve lesion?
  17. G56.80
  18. G71.13
  19. G73.3
  20. G56.20
  21. According to the guideline for ICD-10-CM pathologic fracture coding, the 7th character of A is assigned

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