Class, Good work bringing in your personal definition of “abnormal behavior” and how such behavior seems to demonstrate some of the concepts we have been exploring about what makes behavior abnormal (e.g., eccentric, against social norms, statistically rare, inflexible and rigid, causes functional impairment). This was a great statement, “The theoretical perspective that closely matches my definition is the maladaptive behavior perspective “behavior is abnormal if it interferes with the individual’s ability to function in life or society (Getzfeld & Schwartz,2013).”

Class, how do we feel about our developing class definition so far? Are there aspects that we can add from this definition? Are there more aspects we need to include?

Our class is kind of like a microcosm for society. I observe that so far the class is trying to determine whether mental health disorders really exist (Ausubel) or if they stem from judgement and stigma from others (Szasz). Continue to bring in these authors from our Week 1 readings here as their views are really at the center of your debate.

I wonder if looking at specific psychological disorders, like Agoraphobia, might help us to narrow down our definition as well? For more information about prevalence and treatment for Agoraphobia check out the following NIMH link: to an external site.. Does the class agree that this disorder exists (Ausubel VS Szasz), and if so, what makes it abnormal? Comment on your thoughts- Hillary

NIMH (2015.) Agoraphobia. Retrieved from…

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