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You may or may not know, but proofreading and editing are two processes that can elevate your academic papers. If done well, academic rewriting and proofreading can push your academic assignment to the next grade boundary.

An academic work that is littered with many errors, incorrectly formatted and wrongly structured can come out error-free, coherent and well-polished if you have your paper rewritten and proofread by online writing style expert. Edit and revise dissertation online by letting the expert do the work for you.

Who can edit my paper online?

Attention to detail is vitally important when writing a paper but close to impossible for many exhausted learners. Expert editing, rewriting, and proofreading will help you develop a top-notch essay that will earn you good grades. With their years of experience, expert proofreaders and rewriters, the Philanthropic Professor, will eliminate all inconsistencies and typos from your document. 

Edit and revise dissertation online

Despite the innumerable benefits using online writing style editor to polish academic assignments, for many learners, proofreading and editing their work is often an afterthought or a not thought about at all. Why is this a challenge? Well, an academic assignment that is full of mistakes is sometimes hard to read.

The flow may be interrupted, making it challenging to make sense of the points being made. For some students, developing a flawless academic essay, dissertation or an article to be posted to their blog with perfect punctuation and grammar, succinct and compelling argument and zero typos comes naturally. However, for the other 90 percent, the academic writing they produce probably contains some errors. This is where the Philanthropic Professor comes in.

A person marking an essay full of errors will unlikely have enough time to work their way through the flaws painstakingly. Your professor may get frustrated and feel that you never took your submission more seriously as a writer. And all these could cause you a precious mark. That is why academic essay proofing online is good for you.

Proofreading, editing and rewriting Online

It can be challenging to know whether you need proofreading, rewriting or editing. Each type of service entails a different level of revision to your document. Read on for more information that can assist you to know the kind of service you need.


This is the lightest form of editing. When you need your paper to be proofread, your proofreader will carefully check your work for basic spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. It includes checking for regional differences like British vs. American English spellings and usage of punctuation.

Your proofreader will also check the basic formatting of your paper, such as font size and margins. When you have your essay proofread, it is typically ready for submission after taking one more look at it to ascertain that there are no any unresolved issues, and an online writing style editor does that.

Editing – online writing style editor

Editing entails a more in-depth review of a document. The editor’s work is to check for and fix incorrect spelling, grammar, and punctuation usage and make changes to the text to ensure consistency, coherence, and clarity.

The editor will always let you know in case there is any information that is not clear so that you can review the document and make changes as you wish. The editor can also make suggestions to help organize the text better. Note that editors never do research, add additional material to your text, nor provide fact-finding.

Online writing style expert for rewriting

Though the name can be misleading, rewriting does not mean that editors will entirely rewrite your text. Rewriting is a more substantive edit on various assignments. The work of the editor is to substantially reword or reorganize your text to make it flow well so that it becomes clear and concise.

A rewrite is helpful if you want to reduce word count in your text. However, rewriting does not entail adding new material in your document or significantly expanding your paper’s length. As with edit, editors who complete a rewrite do not provide fact-checking.

Why you need academic essay proofing online

Your academic work or document will reach its full potential; the stylistic editing and proving service used by online writing style experts is extensive and comprehensive. The work assigned to you will delve deep into your dissertation and leave no stone unturned, so to speak.

Though you might have made some valid and excellent arguments in your text online, writing style editor will scrutinize these to ensure you have covered all angles and presented your arguments thoroughly and logically.

It is a valuable service to international learners; for any learner who considers English as their second language, having your assignment edited and proofread by style experts can be the difference between your grade boundaries. For non-natives, the English language is typically complex and full of subtle nuances and can be tricky to grasp when writing academic papers. Having your work proofread by expert will guarantee you clarity in your text and, ultimately, a good grade.

As it is said, the first impression is the last impression. Unfortunately, people do not pay heed to it while writing. Whether you are writing an article or academic paper, it is frustrating when the reader realizes that your paper has substantive punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors while reading the text, which can lead to a loss of interest in your work.

Having your work proofread, rewritten and edited by experts will help in correcting spelling errors, improving the tone of your content and ensure proper paper organization. Our experts will be available 24/7 to help with your academic proofing online.

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