Choose one of the two prompts below. Write a 1.5-2 page essay (450-500 words) in which you support a strong thesis statement with relevant textual evidence and in-depth analysis.

1) While Phaedra’s desire for her son-in-law is pretty clearly inappropriate, what do you think about Hippolytus’ relentless pursuit of chastity? It (by means of his dishonoring of Aphrodite) is clearly the reason why all of the events of the play happen. Do you think that this is more because Hippolytus is being overzealous about remaining chaste or because Aphrodite is being petty? Cite at least two passages in your discussion of this topic.

2) Aeneas recalls the death of Creüsa in Book 2 of the Aeneid, but he does not see her in the Underworld in Book 6. Why do you think this is? Construct a strong argument for your explanation in your paper.

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