Analysis of Women’s Images in Magazine Ads. Choose a magazine ad and analyze it using the following questions and statements. Use also the insights from the video “Killing us Softly” which we watched in class. Attach the ads to the handout and turn it in during the next class

1. What magazine is this ad in and what is product and/or company is the ad for?

2. Analyze the ad in terms of its depiction of gender, race, class, age, sexuality, and (dis)ability.

3. Look for any gender roles or ideologies that are contributing to the ad’s design or the message it is conveying to the reader (e.g. look at how the women in the ad are dressed, how they are posed, what they are doing etc.) Why are they presented this way?

4. Who is the target audience for this ad and does it effectively reach them?

5. How does it portray women? What message is it sending about women?

6. Would you consider the representation in this ad to be positive or negative? Do you have any problems with it and if so, why?

7. What do these ads teach men? About women? About themselves?

8. What do these ads teach women? (About themselves? About their bodies? About sexuality? About self-worth? 9. If positive, what makes it so? If it is negative, how could you change the ad to make if better?

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