Kindly write an analysis paper(at least 700 words – 3 pages), and please follow the below guidelines and the instructions carefully.


– Sapiens, by Yuval Harari. Chapters 2



Analysis is one of the many tools that writers use to take a position. A crucial first step to analytical thinking is to be able to summarize another person’s perspective. But an analysis is also an argument. So in addition to summarizing a key point in either Sapiens or Geography of Bliss, you will now talk back—agreeing, disagreeing, or partially agreeing. You will also be able to use your own close reading skills and pertinent first person experience as evidence to support your argument.


Analyze a key themefound in one of the chapters we have read in the class so far. Construct a “they say/I say” paper that summarizes the source/point you’re exploring, before moving into your own analysis. Maybe you want to explore a provocative issue (like all religion being a “myth,” or that the way to happiness is through altering our biochemistry.) Or something else from our readings. Find a point that genuinely interests you.

Then start with summary. Carefully and fully explain what it is the source argues. Then once you’ve offered a summary (i.e. “they say,”) you should give a thesis statement (“I say”) exploring what you wish to agree with, partially agree with, or refute. Make sure any quotations you use support your overall analysis.

Evaluation Criteria:

– Do you begin by summarizing your source in an analytical fashion, anticipating where your argument is headed?

– Do you identify, in your thesis statement, the claim in your reading that you wish to engage with?

– Is your focus sufficiently narrowed?

– Is it clear that you’ve practiced close reading of the text?

– Does your thesis express agreement, disagreement, or partial agreement?

– Does your analysis paper effectively incorporate summary, paraphrase and/or quotation as support for your argument?

– Do you include appropriate citations in MLA format?

– Is your analysis paper organized and free of grammatical errors?


Typed, double-spaced, 12-point font. At least 700 words (3 pages) , MLA style

Due Date: Thursday , 2/8

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