Please pick any movie about world war 2 and write an analysis paper about it following these instructions exactly. Don’t forget to do include specific citations from the film.

Critical Analysis and Review

The Critical Analysis and Review will be a typed. The Analysis should not be an “I liked this movie because…” essay.

Framework for Analysis and Review:

How well does the film or documentary portray the actual event? What is the “image” of war that we see and hear? How is it presented? What are the motives behind those decisions?
Use these questions, and others you will, hopefully, come up with as a guide to shaping your analysis. Use specific examples from the readings, films or documentaries to support your analysis.

Review Section:
• Movie/Documentary Title
• Setting: time frame, location, context
• Plot or Content synopsis (general)

Analysis Section:
• Point of View (POV): What is the purpose? (Objective recounting of issues, individuals, or events; historical dramatization based on real or fictional events; creation of an image, propaganda, etc.)
• Structure:
Where does the story/account begin?
How does the story/account evolve?
How is the story/account ended or resolved?
What techniques are used to present the story/account?
(Movie: characters evolve with the plot, “Hollywood” recreation of real event(s); Documentary: interviews with actual participants, documentary footage; Both: scene/setting transitions, character/plot/event/issue development, learning the feelings, motivations or attitudes of actual participants or fictionalized characters)
• Common or Recurring Themes to look for:
Movie/Documentary: Peer loyalty (brothers in arms), rage overwhelms humanity, insensitivity (to death, destruction, brutality, conditions, other people, etc.), dark humor, transition from child to adult, dealing with fear, survival, injustice, facing death, the fog of war,

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