For this assignment, you will analyze a business scenario and recommend a set of strategies for an organization. You will develop a PowerPoint presentation on your recommendations.

Business Scenario: Circus Magicus Goes to Dubai

You have been contracted by the General Manager (GM) of Circus Magicus, an entertainment enterprise that brings live performances to cities around the world. Their traveling team consists of 250 performers, a stage crew, musicians, and administrative support staff. Nearly sixty of the team performers are from China, and although the team represents people from twelve countries, eighteen different languages are spoken amongst the team members. Most of the team members speak some English, though many of the performers do not speak it very well. The group represents nearly every facet of diversity, although there is not a great deal of age or physical ability diversity (the oldest member is 45 years old). The headquarters of the company is in Seattle, Washington in the U.S.

The GM’s job consists of managing the travel, production, advertising, housing, and training arrangements for the troupe. He is often working on arrangements for the next location while still managing the current production. The organization’s next assignment is to arrange a show in Dubai. As they have never performed in Dubai, they are a bit nervous. The acts in the production include men and women working and dancing closely together. The production includes music, singing, and dancing. The assistant manager, who typically handles all the logistics (i.e., contacting the theater, shipping the stage design, and equipment) is a 24-year-old unmarried woman. The GM is a gay man and his partner is part of the troupe. The various teams in the troupe have downtime during their stay while on tour and would like to visit the sights in the country they are visiting. The local liaison for the work in Dubai is a male cousin of the Sheikh.

You have worked in the Middle East before and have been successful. This particular contract is important for many reasons. If it goes well and the show sells out, it could provide you with considerable financial gains. In addition, the show’s success could lead to being invited to perform future shows in the region. Lastly, taking this contract job could also mean future contract work with the organization.

As the company begins to prepare for the show in Dubai, they have asked you to help the GM by suggesting training for the administrative team, and to a lesser degree, the troupe. What factors do you consider important for them to know? What advice would you give them? You have been asked to deliver a short presentation outlining your plan.


Using the Argosy University online library resources and the Internet for research, select at least three (3) scholarly articles different from the course readings for use in this assignment.

Develop a presentation (including detailed speaker’s notes) that covers the following:

  1. Determine areas for concern in the scenario presented, reflecting on what you have learned regarding best practices for GLD and factors that contribute to cross-cultural business failures. Include external global concerns as well as internal cultural issues.
  2. Recommend the strategies that are best suited to overcome the factors identified in step #1 and explain why. Justify your conclusions with evidence and research

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