What is the Pay for Performance Culture?

Analyze a pay-for-performance culture that you have encountered in the workplace. Discus one program “do” and one program “don’t” (p. 148).  Use a supporting or refuting article based on the topic and expand the circumstances surrounding the situation.  Share your reference in APA format, having at least one beyond the use of the textbook.

The Philosophy of Pay for Performance

The underlying philosophy about pay for performance it that increases will be based both on performance and on the position of the current pay rate in the established pay range. How consistent are these systems? Is there room for more deviation in some instances? Please explain.

Broad Based and Global Equity Plans

Let’s explore the best companies for compensation and benefits.  Research a title such as “The 25 Best Companies for Employee Compensation and Benefits.” When you have found an interesting list, identify it by title, author and website URL.   Here are the discussion questions to be addressed in your initial posting:

  1. Which company has the most impressive broad-based or global equity plans and why?
  2. When sharing your company, provide supporting details followed by citations and references in your posting.
  3. What additional recommendations would you feel would offer more opportunities to drive motivation, supplying supporting elements in this response?

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