LP2 Assignment LP2 Assignment: Sales Dialogue and Customer Value This assignment will assess Competency 2: Analyze marketplace dynamics impacting sales and marketing efforts. Directions For this assignment, refer to the case you read about on p. 14 of SELL4: Nimblefoot is a manufacturer of women’s running shoes that are sold through major sporting goods chain stores and specialty stores. Nimblefoot has targeted Trailrunner, a regional specialty store chain, as a potential prospect for its latest product. Nimblefoot’s sales representative, Bradly Jackson, hopes to replace a competitor’s product in the Trailrunner stores. Bradley has begun planning his upcoming sales call on Susan Holloway, head buyer at Trailrunner. At a recent trade show, Bradley had a brief conversation with Susan and learned that Trailrunner’s management is interest in improving the profitability of the chain. Further, Susan made it clear that Trailrunner would only be interested in high-quality products. In 500 – 600 words, answer the following questions: 1.If you were Ashley Zamora, what specific comments and questions would you have for Bradley Jackson? 2.Should a customer value proposition be developed before gathering the information in Exhibit A? Why or why not? 3.What role do marketplace dynamics play in your analysis of this scenario?

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