Please watch this video: Answer each of these questions with complete sentences.

  1. What were the major arguments offered by the speaker? What other arguments were missing that would have made their speech better?
  1. How was the speech organized?
  1. What sort of style was used during the speech? What sort of words were chosen? What stylistic choices do you think were made?
  1. How was the speech delivered (i.e., from memory, from notes, extemporaneously)?
  1. What sort of delivery techniques (i.e., gestures, eye contact, vocal inflections, etc.) did you notice during the speech?

(3) Now it is your turn. You are tasked with giving a speech in front of a group of high school students to persuade them to pursue higher education. How would you use the 5 cannons of rhetoric to design a speech. Make sure to be clear in your choices for each. (You should have at least a 2 sentence explanation for each cannon).

  1. Invention:
  1. Arrangement:
  1. Style:
  1. Memory:
  1. Delivery:

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