Each student will write one to one and one half page summaries of the assigned articles. Each student will submit three summaries. The summaries are due at the beginning of class on the day that the article is discussed in class. (If you are absent for a class, you will need to email the summary to me prior to class.) Late submissions will not be accepted. They are to be prepared individually.

The objective for this part of the course, besides your mastery of the content of the articles, is for you to take complex, technical writings and condense the information to its most essential elements. The standard format is below.

A well written summary should inform the reader of the essence of the article without having to read it. It must be written in your own words and should not be a mere repetition of the writing in the article.


Your name and the date should be in the heading of the first page.

Title of the Article
Purpose of the article — approximately 4 sentences.

The purpose must be clearly written and reflect the essence of the article. It sets up the summary of important findings and the conclusion. The purpose should capture the reader’s attention so that he / she wants to read the remainder of the article.

Summary of important findings (one- three paragraphs)

Conclusion (student’s analysis, assessment or opinion of the article) (one paragraph) The conclusion should use the word I.


Summaries are not to exceed one and one half pages in length. Students will use 12 point type with one and ½ line spacing in the text and double spacing between main subject areas.

Below are some style suggestions for you to follow in the section which summarizes important findings:

  • Ensure that the important findings support the purpose paragraph
  • Present the information accurately (no mistakes of interpretation, no unjustified emphases of certain information)
  • Write in a clear, concise, unambiguous style – use the data from the materials whenever and wherever possible
  • Write without spelling or grammatical errors, avoiding long, run-on sentences
  • Do write the entire summary in your own words.

The length limitations on the summary will force you to write efficiently. You will have to edit your writing so that it fits the limitations. Read your paper aloud before submitting to ensure it “makes sense”. Editing improves writing style and clarity.

For a great little book on writing, please refer to Will Strunk’s Elements of Style. You can access it at www.bartleby.com/141/ or at Amazon.com

Article summary grading will be done as follows:

  1. 35% Strength and content of introductory paragraph
  2. 45% Completeness and applicability of content
  3. 10% Grammar

4.10% Format

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