Write an assembly program titled”YourLastName_Program4″ that forms a 2-D array, 5×3 based on predetermined values of your choosing. The program will then print out the array for the user to see and then present the user with a menu with the following options:

1. Replace a value

2. Calculate the sum of all values

3. Print out the 2D array

4. Exit

For the first option your program should then ask the user for which row and column in the array to replace, and what value will it be replaced with.

For the second option your program should run through all values held in the 2D array and calculate their summation.

For the third option your program should print out the contents of the 2D array one row at a time. When given the fourth option your program should simply exit.

Remember, this course will use the SPIM emulator for MIPS processors. Make sure your programs work on these emulated machines.

What to turn in:

– Soft copy of the program (the .s file)

– A project report analyzing your solution according to the format given (a .doc file)

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