The Politics of the US-Mexico Border

6th Position Paper

Instructions: The following assignment is a reflection paper on the readings and lectures. The paper will be graded on the following criteria.


Post your paper in the Discussion of Canvas section.
Respond to the basic questions for the assignment.
Assignment should be 2 pages in length, 12 font size, and double space.
Strong papers cite the readings and lectures in the class. 5 or more citations make your paper strong.
Follow and fulfill all of the instructions on the assignment (1-5).

Based on the lectures on the state and the lectures on immigration, how is the role of the capitalist state illustrated in the chapters on the Bracero Program and indentured labor (chapter 2 and 3). In other words, what aspects of this interpretation present an alternative interpretation to the issue of immigration and more specifically on immigration state policies (the Bracero Program, and other policy solutions on immigration). Be specific in citing those ideas and themes—use the readings and the lecture notes.
Ch2 and ch3 and the class notes are uploaded,

Choose one of the videos on the Bracero Program and tell us what seems to be missing from the policy concerns on the impact of immigration and the Mexican origin population?
Chose one of these videos,

In the lecture notes on guest worker programs, what are some of the policy concerns of the majority of the programs. Make sure to cite some of the policy issues from the various programs in the history of guest worker programs.

In my chapter on New England Communities and the Commissions on Hispanic Affairs, how do I make the connection of politics, Latino population growth, and the politics of immigration (see the case study of Rhode Island)?

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