Video #8 (Links to an external site.)“U.S. Education–The Perfect Storm”

Although the report presented in this video was presented in 2007, its conclusions are still very relevant.

Quiz Questions:

1) Based on the video, what three trends, if continued, are expected to increase inequality and reduce the quality of life for the middle class?

2) According to the video, what must be done to give students hope for attending college?

3)  What interventions are recommended, based on “common sense,” for giving students what they need to succeed in school?

Paragraph Topic:

4) Does your own experience in any educational setting (primary, secondary, or post-secondary) validate any of the information presented in the video?  Based on your own educational experiences, can you identify any other hindrances (micro, middle, and/or macro level) to the educational advancement of children in the U.S.?  Also, what recommendations would you make (on the micro, middle, and/or macro levels of society) for further promoting the educational advancement of children in the U.S.?

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