The option to improve your grade on this assignment up to a maximum of 20% with a rewrite applies only if the following requirements are met:

  • Assignment 4, Part 1 was submitted on time.
  • Rewrite of Assignment 4, Part 2 is to be submitted on time.
  • All criteria were addressed in the first submission of the assignment.
  • The improvement of 20% will depend on the professor’s evaluation, using the same criteria as for the first submission.
  • The revised grade cannot exceed 94%.

Before revising the assignment, you should:

  1. Review the feedback from your professor.
  2. Review the criteria for Assignment 4 and make sure you have addressed the criteria thoroughly.

Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:

  1. Give a brief explanation of your chosen topical area.
  2. Based on your chosen topic, define the problems and challenges that exist in crime and criminology. Explain the historical issues that have contributed to the problems and challenges.
  3. Address the internal and external stakeholders and how they contribute to both the problems and the solutions in crime and criminology.
  4. Discuss the data and information that you have collected while conducting research on your topic. Discuss how the data relates to the problems and challenges in crime and criminology.
  5. Develop a solution that addresses the problems and challenges in crime and criminology, based on your research.
  6. Use at least eight (6) scholarly sources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia,, and general websites do not qualify as scholarly.

Note: These criteria are the same as the previous a

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