For the Biblical Worldview Paper in this course, you are to write a short essay that critically examines the relationship between crisis management and the justice professional and constructively identifies the gaps and omissions in the literature where a Biblical Worldview should be internalized and expressed in the life of the criminal justice professional. Your paper must be at least 2 pages. For the first page, it is important that you make the distinction of where and on what grounds the literature comes up short as it relates to what the research has for us versus what God has for us. For the second page, you must demonstrate how you might integrate the Biblical Worldview into the specific problem you are studying. Organize and format your paper according to current APA style and cite your references as you would in current APA style. If you need more help understanding how to analyze scholastic literature, consult the corresponding section in your APA manual.

Include the following elements in your short essay:

  • A page that critically exposes the gaps or omissions in the literature regarding a Biblical Worldview
  • A page that constructively integrates the Biblical Worldview into the problem you are studying
  • Bibliography of the sources you cited in the short essay

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