writing a business report 1

Company A weight monitor measure how much body fat you have An LCD display shows changes in your weight Easy to read graphs and charts Holds health and weight records for you to five years price 100 -180 Euro You can use the Material below to Answer the question..

forum 9 looking at homo neanderthalensis

If you spend even a small amount of time researching the controversy regarding whether or not modern populations are the genetic descendants of Neanderthals, you’ll quickly learn how contentious this idea remains. There is a fascinating side note to recent research (based on comparative genetic investigation of the human genome and the Neanderthal genome) that […]

write case study it in globel economy 1000words

Research and develop a MS Word document of at least 1000 word that: 1) Reviews one of the Case Studies mentioned below. 2) Write a document that summarizes the Case Study. 3) State whether you are for or against the views in the study and why. 4) Write a one or two paragraph conclusion stating […]