details of assignment is below

details of assignment is attached below in the PDF. Please show each numerical and algebraic step with each question but also refrain from using word explanations as much as possible. NOTE: please do not return the assignment in PDF or handwritten. please return it TYPED in WORD DOCUMENT. Thank you

parenting styles 2

Read the article Parenting styles/children’s temperaments: The match by Anita Gurian. Then, answer the following questions by writing at least one paragraph for each response. Explain the specific impact parenting styles have on two issues related to child development. Examples include: obesity, resiliency, social-deviance, self-esteem, school performance, cognitive flexibility, and emotional intelligence. Provide examples from […]

the justification for community corrections

Complete all assigned reading before attempting the assignment. Your answers must be based on the reading plus add your own insightful comments as well. Answer the following question(s) in one paragraph. Read pages 313-316. and also 347-349.… What are the dual purposes of probation (see page 347 in your eBook)? Which is more important? […]