philosophy paper 3 4 pages

I need a Summary for EACH CHAPTER ( 6 chapters). Each chapter must have a summary as well as anomaly, and THREE principles. 3-4 pages See the attachment for requirements and I will send the readings shortly. It’s the same thing of last paper but different chapters…

response needed 43

For this assignment please respond with 200 words There are a variety of possible interpretations of the traditional biblical imperative: “Thou shalt not kill.” (Exodus 20.13). Explain what you regard as the true interpretation of this commandment, discuss why you regard this interpretation as true, and identify the philosopher of hermeneutics (Schleiermacher, later Wittgenstein, or […]

compare and contrast mysticism in christianity with another religion and video analysis

A 3 page paper: two pages comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between Mysticism in Christianity with another World Religion (information found from Essential Mystics Book (see below) and a one page paper of your favorite mystical tradition covered in the video. Book:Andrew Harvey, Essential Mystics: Selections From the World’s Great Wisdom Traditions, Harper […]