fence movie review 1

Seek out and watch the film FENCES, by August Wilson, directed by and starring Denzel Washington. This film is based on a one of the more powerful play in the cannon of August Wilson’s work. You have read and studied the biography and body of work that has been created by Mr. Wilson. It is […]

The Future of Psychological Testing and Assessment Presentation

Select a special population of interest from the following list: Domestic violence victims Clients with questions about their sexual orientation Human trafficking victims Clients with suicidal ideation Clients who self-harm Hypothesize the future of psychological testing for your selected population. Create a 7-10-slide presentation about your population that includes the following: A description of the […]

1000 word profile essay with complete outline and reference page

Overview and Requirements Being able to see a person beyond a diagnosis, a role (such as a patient, friend, parent, or supervisor), or a physical attribute enables nurses to see each patient as an individual with unique experiences, hopes, fears, and needs. First complete outline and reference page just like the example in APA format. […]