empirical rule 1

It is generally believed that nearsightedness affects about 15% of children. A school district gives vision tests to 111 incoming kindergarten children. Use the empirical rule (68%-95%-99.7% Rule) to determine what we might expect to see in samples of 111 children. Assume conditions are met! No need to draw the model.

answer 3 simple questions regarding the human body for health course

For the discussion this week, you will address the following discussion questions: Provide the four types of tissues: epithelial, connective, muscle, and nervous. Give at least two functions of each type of tissue. Pick a type of tissue, except for the nervous, and provide at least two specific types of tissue that can be found […]

question respond

In your responses, provide constructive critiques along with supplemental insights. Support your critique with sound reasoning and evidence. Respond to both discussion post with one paragraph each. First Discussion Post: Favorable conditions of Organic Growth When you build up your business through the strong organization and suitable masterminding, you know your business all around. You […]