Hi, this is my business article essay homework. The assignment description is down below. I expect at least a 90/100 from the paper, if you don’t think you can provide that please don’t bet. Thank you 🙏 (If you have a question don’t hesitate to ask)


Each student must complete a business article reviews. Choose a business-related article from a newspaper (e.g.,Los Angeles Times), business journal (e.g.,BusinessWeek, Fortune), or business-focused website (e.g.,www.bloomberg.com) and complete the following in three separate sections :

1) Summarize key points

2) Discuss how the article relates to the class (any part of the class)

3) Add personal comments, observations, or experience related to the article

Your article must have been published or posted within the past month. You must staple a copy of the entire article or a page print of the web page to your review. Each view should be one to two pages, and each review must be typed (standard business format: single-spaced, left justified, with a double space between each paragraph).

Business article review is due on Wednesday, November 13. I do not accept homework via email. NOTE: I will penalize late work (articles submitted after the beginning of class) by 20% or two grades, and will not accept any late work more than one class day after it was due.

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