For your Midterm Project: Home Energy Evaluation, calculate an estimate of your energy usage for different times of the year, and make cost-saving recommendations to decrease energy consumption. This report will be comprehensive, based on the calculated home energy usage, and analysis for home energy cost evaluation. Read the complete directions for this assignment below.


1. Here to go to the website to calculate the home energy usage of your home.

2.Generate a report using the site’s calculator. Submit this report to the Home Energy Cost Evaluation Dropbox.

3.Identify ways in which your home energy use can be improved.

4.Discuss the benefits and costs associated with making these changes.

5.In your evaluation, consider the effect on your lifestyle in addition to the financial costs of making the recommended changes.

6.  The analysis should be roughly 500 to 600 words. Submit your analysis to the Home Energy Cost Evaluation       Dropbox

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