Module Essay

ENV 330 Module 2

Ecological Principles and Sustainability

Compose a 300-word (minimum) essay on the topic below. Essays must be double-spaced and use APA-style in-text citations to reference ideas or quotes that are not your own. You must include a separate bibliography.

Can the world provide an adequate standard of living for a projected 2.6 billion more people by the year 2050 without causing widespread environmental damage? Explain.

You should cite and quote from assigned readings, AVP’s, videos, and module activities to support the ideas in your essay.


Are humans part of nature? Are humans part of ecosystems?

Consider holding your breathe for 10 minutes. What would happen?

What do you eat? What do you drink? What do you breathe? Which animals and plants do you eat? How do they grow? Where does the matter and energy come from that sustains them? Where does the water that you drink come from? What was that water part of before you drank it? Where was it before that? Where does the air come from that you breathe? How was it made? Who or what exhaled it? What inhales your exhalation?

What happens to animal and plant “waste” and dead? What would happen if humans disappeared from Earth? What would happen if decomposers disappeared from Earth?

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