Please send me proposal before Nov 23rd, and final essay before DEC 5th. 1.5-2 pages for proposal .

About 1800 words for final essay.

Please pay attention for the reading. Focus on The Peony pavilion(most important), and The Painted skin story. You may choose another story Like the magic sword and the magic bag and the White snake, because professor suggest analysis 2-4 stories.

Also, I will post my mid term cheat sheet, u can take a look. It might be helpful.

This course also related to Chinese religion, such as Confucianism, u can also related Gender roles and Confucianism points.

Or, u can choose write about Self-regulation. U will need focus on reading The painted skin, and “Madame White is Kept Forever Under Thunder Peak Tower” ( White snake story.), or the magic sword and the magic bag.

Your proposal should be one and a half to two pages, double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, one-inch margins. The proposal should summarize the direction and content of your argument. You may hold back your final conclusions, but you should have carefully considered the directions your argument might take based on a careful consideration of the evidence you have gathered. Be sure that your proposal does not simply repeat or introduce the topic. Delineate what examples you intend to use, and where. Try also to show the progression of your argument. The annotated bibliography should be a list of references that includes an explanation of how each source figures into your essay. Your argument should be based on internal evidence from within the primary sources you choose to interpret (the films, stories and plays). Contextualizing your argument within the historical background with secondary sources gives it weight, but be sure to use secondary sources in support of your own argument, not in lieu of your own argument. The topics below are meant to guide your initial inquiry. You will need to develop an argument within the topic. I suggest that you begin by choosing the texts you would like to analyze, and then choosing what sorts of questions you would like to ask of those texts. I advise against using less than two, or more than four primary texts. Make sure that your argument is focused enough to be provable within the space allotted.

TOPIC about: Gender roles: Discuss representations of masculinity and femininity in one or more of the stories. You may choose to compare an original pre-modern text with a film adaptation, or to compare characters across a couple of stories. Whichever texts you choose, consider the intersection of supernatural beings and gender representation. For instance, what does the trope of the spirit enchantress say about gender relations? If you are considering a film adaptation—how does the modern version depict pre-modern gender roles?

Or, Self-regulation: Analyze the ethic of self-discipline as prescribed indepictions of encounters between humans and supernatural beings. How does the story, through its structure and/or content, advise audiences against indulgence? How does the story simultaneously allow audiences to indulge in transgression through identification with primary characters? How does the structure of the story exemplify the discipline being prescribed in the story’s content? How is the prescriptionfor self-regulation different across gender, age and social status?

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