UST 259 –Assignment #2 Due: June 13th, 2015 Assignment 2: The Flora + Fauna of Ohio Paper

This homework assignment involves doing some research into the wildlife that exists in Ohio. Using the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ webpage as a guide and starting place; pick a total of 4 plants and animals and write one paragraph about each that you choose. Choose a combination of 2 native plants/animals, and 2 invasive species. Pair your native and invasive species so that one has an effect on the other Be sure to include images of all the plants and animals you discuss. In your paper discuss the effects the invasive species have on the native species, biodiversity, and human society.
You may use the images and information from the ODNR’s webpage, just be sure to include at least two other sources, one of which should not be a webpage, but should be a primary resource material.
The following are a links to the ODNR’s website and are a good start for your research, but remember to at least one primary source material also. Primary Source Materials can be found at the CSU library, the main Cleveland Public Library downtown, or a journal article, research paper, etc. that you find through either library’s website or somewhere else on the web.

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