History comes to us in the form of our popular culture such as movies.  Such films must, however, be viewed critically to be of value.  For this project, choose THREE films and prepare a short paper on each film of at least two pages, font size 12, double spaced, standard margins (for at least five pages for the project) telling what you learned from the film and making your own judgment as to the historical accuracy (or lack of it) of the film.  The films should FIT THE TIME PERIOD OF THIS SEMESTER’S COURSE OF STUDY. Do not go through the film point by point, but you should use several examples of what did or did not seem to be true to the historical facts as you know them. Just give your general impression as to whether the film seems to realistically represent the time period, etc. For credit for this project, the papers must be YOUR OWN IDEAS, etc. PLAGIARIZED FILM REVIEWS COPIED FROM THE INTERNET OR FROM OTHER SOURCES WILL RESULT IN A GRADE OF F FOR THE COURSE. You may find films currently in theaters or on television or make your choices from the video store.  You may include popular movies, programs on Public Television, the History channel, etc.

Time period is from 1850s to 2000

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