Research Paper                   800 words

Please note the number of the question you are answering: only answer one of these questions:

Where there are multiple questions inside prompts – try to answer them all in your essay.

  1. Describe and analyze Descartes arguments for why he believes the Mind and Body are distinct.
  2. Is there a problem about how the Mind and Body can interact, if Dualism is true?
  3. What is Turing’s ‘Imitation Game’, and what is it supposed to show?
  4. Is it possible for a machine to ‘think’? To be ‘conscious’? To ‘understand’? Explain with reference to your readings in the Philosophy of Mind module.
  5. Describe and analyze Searle’s ‘Chinese Room’ argument. Does it show what Searle claims it does?
  6. What is a ‘brain in a vat’? What is the thought experiment supposed to show? Can one prove that one is NOT a brain in a vat?
  7. Do we have free will? Does our physical and psychological history/past determine our future?
  8. Compare and contrast Compatibilism and In compatibilism about free will.
  9. Describe the view of Stance on language and free will.
  10. What is Aristotle’s idea of ‘Eudaimonia’?
  11. What can one do to become a virtuous person, according to Aristotle?

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