please don’t use site that’s written in other languages , use library in other country , please if you use a book give page number and please do not use pay websites to access material needed , because i got in trouble with the last essay you guys wrote for me , my tutors were unable to access sites that were given for bibliography and they were in Catalan language as well please keep this essay strictly English and give sites that are accessible and free off charge thanks for your help.
Write an essay of approximately 2500 words, answering one of the following questions.

3.Compare and contrast the role of the central female character in each of the three films studied: Eliane in Indochine, Aime in Chocolat, Maria in White Material. If you wish, you may focus your discussion on ANY TWO of these films.
4.Compare and contrast the representations of gender, class and national culture in JooCanijo’sGanhar a Vidaand Ruben Alves’s A GaiolaDourada. In your answer, you should also consider the differences between film genre in both works.
5.What is the exceptionality of Portuguese colonialism according to Luso-Tropicalist discourse and how is it rejected in Peter Weisss play?
Your work will be penalised if you do not address and answer the question you have chosen, or if you do not demonstrate your own engagement with, and understanding of, the set texts/films. Where appropriate, you must also show engagement with relevant secondary literature, which should include appropriate citations, including page references and/or precise web addresses. Your reference to the set works should include page references or timings. (For The Outsider, you should refer to the Penguin translation, or to an appropriate French edition, e.g. Gallimard Folio.)

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