Short answers question:

  • Compare and contrast two prevalent political systems: totalitarianism and democracy, and explain how a country’s political system influences its legal system.

2- Describe the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

3- What is primary market research? Describe any four primary market research methods.

4- Explain the theory of market imperfections and describe the two major market imperfections.

5 Write a short note on the World Trade Organization and its influence on the environment.

6- Describe the purposes of the international capital market. What factors account for its rapid growth?

7- Briefly explain how companies compensate managers in international markets.

8- Distinguish between attitudes and values. How do cultures differ in their attitudes toward cultural change?

9- Explain the process of facilities location planning. What issues must companies consider while selecting the location for their production facilities?

10- Explain mercantilism. What were its major flaws?

11- Differentiate between worldwide and dual pricing. Which one of these is more difficult to achieve and why?

12- What are the different financing methods available to exporters and importers?

13- Briefly explain each of the three main methods companies use to manage political risk.

14- Describe any three organizational structures that are common for a vast majority of international companies.

15- Explain how a pegged exchange-rate system works. Why would a country choose to follow this system?

16- Summarize each benefit a company might obtain from the globalization of markets.

Module Discussion

Discuss why companies strive toward quality improvement and the two methods of doing so. (one paragraph or two)


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