I have attached the paper that has been started and need it to be finished with the guidelines posted below. This has to be done no later than August 1st!!

Research paper description

The purpose of the paper is for the student to explore current issues in one area of operations management covered in the text. It does not need to be one of the areas discussed during the course. The writing lab is available to assist students with proper formatting, sentence structure and review of document.

I cannot emphasize enough that your paper is to present new information. Do not summarize what is in the textbook. Do not merely summarize what you find in your search.  While I do expect you to briefly discuss each source, just doing that will not give you an A in this assignment. Instead I am looking for you to provide new insights based on your synthesis of what you’ve read.

Requirements of the project are:

  • Research of current practices in business
  • Provide current examples from business and discuss measures of effectiveness, and potential areas for improvement or future applications.
  • Compare different practices across companies or industries.
  • Paper is to be minimum three pages with a separate title page and bibliography page.
  • Papers should be in APA format, font Times New Roman, 11 point, double space.
  • Minimum of five sources of information of which three must be academic journals. Your sources must be used and properly cited within the text. Your textbook cannot be a source.
  • One source can be a subject matter expert and two sources can be a website or newspaper article.  Wikipedia is not acceptable.

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