Video Source: duckbill. (2007, June 2). Product Placement [Video File]. Retrieved from

Go to Interbrand’s Website ( and review its interactive charts. To access the interactive charts, first scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Rankings”, then select a brand to examine. Use the Internet to research what has made the selected brand marketable over time.

  • Compare four products on the market today that are using product placement in TV, movies, and videogames. Point out the themes or trends that are present among these products. (In the e-Activity it say to the bottom of the IntraBrands page to find the rankings, the page has been updated, so to access the rankings, click on one of the Brands in the Blue section at the top.)
  • Analyze what has made your brand selection marketable over time. Identify which external factors have occurred that have affected consumer behavior and the strategies involved in keeping the Best Global Brands on this exclusive list. Note the similarities and differences between your classmates’ examinations.

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