My focus point would be how to successfully create a business plan that would guaranteed a low failure rate. There are many different types of pastry shop like cakes and cookies, chocolatier bakery, french pastry only or even THC inspired bakery. I just want to speak on bakeries in general. I have attached a source worksheet with three vetted sources that must be used and you may also use more please reference according to citation style.

Please consider the following:

  • Presentation will include an introduction, body, conclusion, and properly formatted reference/work cited slide in the citation style of your degree program (APA, MLA, Chicago).
  • Clear evidence that the topic was researched and expanded on low failure rate in opening a bakery
  • Presentation provides audience with information to increase their knowledge of the topic presented.
  • Presentation engages the audience by using elements such as images, graphs, and charts. Appropriate citations must be included.
  • Three (3) vetted credible sources. One (1) of the sources must be scholarly and from the library.
  • Appropriate length 7-9 slides.

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