Simply answer the questions from given reading material. State what you think from the reading. Don’t need to do research.


Collision Course: Selling European High Performance Vehicles in Japan

The Objective is to introduce subsidiaries and to examine the management of cultural differences.

  1.     Consider the problems occurring in the case. What is going wrong inside and outside of Tommasi Motorcycles of Japan?  How are these issues related or connected?
  2.     Describe the corporate level international strategy that Tommasi Motorcycles European HQ appears to be following. Where are the major decisions made?
  3.     What role is the JNO supposed to play, ideally?  Is it performing this role well?  What should it change?
  4.     What are the pros and cons of using expatriate managers in this case?  What would be the characteristics of a suitable leader for JNO?  Is Katoh part of the problem or part of the solution?
  5.     How do you manage a firm where people do not speak the same language?  Can you suggest things to make this work better?  Do you think the consultants will approach their next assignment differently?  If so, how?

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