The ABC Shoe Company wants to use supply chain management to help move the product (running shoes) through production and on to customers. Your boss asked you to set up a supply-chain management flowchart to determine inventory quantities that are needed and ordering policies.

  • Create a 1-page flowchart of the supply-chain management process.
  • Create a document of 2–3 body pages (using APA format) detailing how inventory quantities will be determined based on the following:
    • The company will produce 10,000 pairs of running shoes on 10 machines.
    • Each machine (or workstation) can make 500 pairs of shoes per day. The products will use the following ingredients:
      • Rubber soles (purchased intact)
      • Body of the shoes
      • Shoelaces
  • Create 5 policies that will be required to determine and sustain inventory quantities.

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