This assignment is intended to help you gain a new perspective of family life from someone who grew up differently than you. To complete this assignment you need to do the following.

Choose an individual, couple or family who has a family background that is different from yours or who is at a different stage of family life than you. (Examples include: cohabiting couple, empty nest couple, single parent family, newlywed couple, new parents, adoptive parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, aunt and uncle raising nieces and nephews, families with a disabled child or parent, etc.).

Create a list of at least 10 questions that will help you learn about how the family functions including questions about family rules (implicit and explicit rules), roles (who does what in the family, what type of gender roles), boundaries (was there a clear boundary between parents and children), hierarchy, family structure (how is the family set up), family challenges unique to the situation, etc. (you will hand in this typed up list with your paper)

Set up a time with the individuals or families to spend 45 minutes to an hour interviewing them about their family life. I know this may seem like a great length of time however you need to learn and get to know how this family functions.

Take notes during the interview or record the interview.

Complete a written analysis of what you learned from the interview. I do not want a transcript of the interview. I want you to describe aspects of family life for this family as it relates to relevant course content from the textbook and/or course lecture. The paper should not be a story that describes this family’s life, or a description of the interview process. You should write what you learned about this family in relation to course content, and how that family is similar or different to your own family of origin in terms of course content. Your analysis should be 4-5 pages, not including your title page or reference page if needed. APA format.

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