In the video, Aziz Abu Sarah: For More Tolerance, We Need More…Tourism? (Sarah, 2014), Sarah provides a suggestion for breaking down walls that separate people.

For this assignment, imagine your classroom is comprised mainly of students from different backgrounds who might have a history of being antagonistic because of nationalities or religious beliefs.

  • Create a plan for how you would bring down the walls that separate your students. Address the following:
    • What does the plan entail?
    • How will it break down walls between people?
    • What is your plan to keep animosity from rising?
    • Will your plan require funding?
    • Will you need the help of others to make this work? Explain.
    • Is your plan for your class or the entire school?
    • How will you assess the success of your plan?
  • Your plan should be in a presentation format (e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi, Emaze, Blendspace, Haikudeck, Thinglink, or other presentational tool).
  • Since you will not physically present this in a class setting, include presentation notes or make an audio recording of you presenting your plan.

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