Create a power point on operant conditioning..

For this assignment you are to create a 20-slide PowerPoint not including title and reference slides on operant conditioning. The PowerPoint must include the following:

Ø  Background information on the occupational stress process.

Ø  Statistics and facts that illustrate the impact and importance of occupational stress in the workplace.

Ø  A description of common job stressors.

Ø  A description of an actual work setting of your choice and a description of the types of job stressors that you would likely find in that setting.

§  You should choose a setting in which there would be at least three job stressors to describe.

§  Explain ways in which an I/O psychologist could intervene to reduce the effects of these job stressors (i.e., what an I/O psychologist would change, such as work schedules, to reduce the job stressors).

§  Please be creative and use speaker notes

You are required to follow the APA guidelines and use at least four references including your textbook


Create a power point on operant conditioning.

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