The roles and responsibilities of physicians are changing. Physicians were once the sole determinants of hospital admissions. Now, those admissions are controlled by a prospective payment system that monitors the length of stays and the costs of resources used for each diagnosis. This scrutiny has placed additional stressors on the hospital-physician relationship leading to some hospitals and physicians being in competition with each other rather than working in alignment.

Review the following journal article:

Lovrien, K., & Peterson, L. (2011). Hospital-physician alignment making the relationship work. Healthcare Financial Management, 65(12), 72–78. (EBSCO AN: 69683043).

Using the readings for this week and the Internet, create a 12–15-slide PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of three credible references that includes separate title and reference slides. Cover the following:

  • Illustrate the changing hospital-physician relationship.
  • Describe the previous responsibilities of both the hospital and the physician in the hospital-physician relationship.
  • Explain the factors creating the need for a change in this relationship.
  • Recommend strategies to maintain a healthy working relationship between physicians and hospitals to provide cost-efficient and patient-focused care.

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