Create a report in which you refute the validity of the following statement:

‘In the near future, companies will meet their IT requirements simply by moving to the “cloud” and purchasing fee-based services – similar to the way they currently buy other services such as electricity’.

In your arguments, evaluate the validity of the statement based on your own analysis of relevant facts (e.g. costs, benefits, available services etc.), trends and/or news pertaining to cloud computing. Furthermore, begin your report with a strong statement, rhetorical question, quotation or any other similar method with which to grasp your audience’s attention. Your arguments must also be adequately supported using one, or more of the following methods:

Examples: flow charts, anecdotes or definitions

Reiteration and paraphrasing of main points

Statistics (use sparingly)


Expert testimony

Word count: 400 to 500

At least 4 Harvard references including at least one website Harvard reference.

Referencing: Harvard Referencing

Must include in-text citation for all the references

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