The Multimedia Argument Draft website must include a separate web page for each of the following content areas, but you can title the pages anything you like (These titles may work for you, but you want to choose titles that are maximally effective for your target audience.):

  • Home page: The home page is the introduction to your site. Think about your target audience? Who are they? Why are the unengaged with your issue? What should the home page look like and what type of content do you want to include to draw the audience into your multimedia argument and set them up for your call to action?
  • Educate: What does your audience not know that they need to know to understand your topic? Are they unengaged because they do not have information? Because they do not have complete information? Could they be misinformed by other sources or popular media? What information can you share to explain your topic to your audience?
  • Engage: Why should your audience care about the topic? How does it matter to your audience? Why is it important? What can you tell your audience that will help them understand why the topic is relevant to their lives and/or issues that do matter to them?
  • Empower: This is the axletree of your work for Project 3. You are making a civic call to action. Teaching the audience about your issue and getting them to engage and care is not worth a hill o’ proverbial beans if the audience can’t or won’t do something about it. You want to motivate your audience and also provide specific, concrete recommendations and resources that will empower them to take action, make changes, and have a real impact on the issue.

The Multimedia Argument Draft  video will be a storyboard of your plan for the final multimedia product:

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