For this assignment, due at the end of Week 3, you will investigate a mass communication theory related to the media freedom question that you will be investigating for your final researched argument paper in this course, and create an annotated bibliography.

The topic of your final paper for this class is:

DEFEND or REFUTE: the United Nations should develop, implement and enforce world standards for media freedom (formerly referred to as freedom of speech and press). 

In addressing your argument, explain the presumed legal basis of these controls. Does the United Nations have legal authority to regulate global media? You also should ascertain whether there are global “free speech” standards.

To learn about annotated bibliographies, consult UMUC’s tutorial.

Then, familiarize yourself with some of the mass comm field’s theories by

  • taking a look at the four major areas of mass communication research on pages 255-265 in The Handbook of Communication Science; 
  • reviewing this list of major communication theories; and
  • reading the explanations of those theories that piqued your interest in the Encyclopedia of Communicatio

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