Business Law – 3 Year Option, 16th Edition

Jane Mallor; A. James Barnes; L. Thomas Bowers; Arlen Langvardt

Part I

  • What are three differences you can identify between a Trial Court (refer to our Textbook) and Judge Cristina’s television program? [See link provided in this unit.]
  • In terms of the resolution of private disputes, what purpose does Judge Cristina serve?

Part II

(Short Essay Format — minimum 100 words per answer)

You must give the Source(s) of your answers (textbooks; websites etc.)

to avoid receiving a low grade.

  • Define “Jurisdiction.”
  • On what bases could a private dispute be decided in Federal Court?
  • What is the result of a Motion to Dismiss if the moving party is successful?
  • Define “Enforcing a Judgment.”
  • How does ADR compare to Civil Litigation?

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