This has four parts to it has two discussion it needs to be 75 to 150 words and a 500-750 word essay and another paper APA styles and I have attached what the APA style paper should look like and it has to be work cited with the website and thanks

Question B

Of the eight characteristics of research described in chapter one, which one do you think is the most important in establishing relevant and valuable research? Which one do you feel is the least important? Explain your answer.


In a 500-750 word essay, define a hypothesis statement and its importance in validating a research study. Use a minimum of two references to support your thoughts about how a hypothesis can enhance the research and the reporting of your results.

Be sure to strictly follow APA style guidelines in your formatting, your writing, and in your citations.

Identifying Variables

Discuss the importance of identifying the different variables in research and their implications to the research project. Specifically, how do you test your cause-and-effect relationships in the problem that you are identifying? Discuss the ways that you would test cause and effect to ensure validity.

Problem Statements

Write five problem statements and identify the independent or dependent variables. Explain fully the variables that led you to this conclusion about each statement.

In your work, use examples from the textbook to support your conclusions, and cite the passages using APA style guidelines.

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