Define and discuss the word transcendence. What kinds of experiences are transcendent? Can art be transcendent? How? Why?

Consider the terms traditional sculpture and social sculpture. What forms might these types of sculpture take? Look at examples of contemporary and historic sculpture. How do they relate to or challenge the categories of traditional and social sculpture?

Kimsooja is physically present in many of her projects and speaks specifically about using her body to become Needle Woman. How does she do this? Why do you think she chose the metaphor of a needle?

What associations do you make with Kimsooja’s work? Consider specific artworks featured in this segment in relation to your own ideas, experiences, and memories.

Kimsooja talks about the importance of the bottari (the Korean word for a bundle used to transport belongings or goods) in her work. She also describes her installation at the Crystal Palace as “a bottari of light and sound and reflection.” Discuss this metaphor.

In what ways is Kimsooja’s work transcendent? Kimsooja says that she always tries to find the transcendent moment and space within her work. Does she achieve her goal? How?

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