Computer Science Quiz

  • Define and provide two examples of embedded operating systems.

  • What are the four factors that drive operating system design?

  • List and define the three basic interfaces enabled by the operating system.

  • How do computer systems minimize memory fetches?

  • Describe the difference between assemblers, compilers and interpreters.

  • What is a transaction manager?

  • List and define the properties of a transaction.

  • What is a Java Virtual Machine?

  • What is the purpose of an In-circuit Emulator (ICE)?

  • What is an I/O subsystem? Provide three examples of an I/O subsystem.

  • What is the difference between parallel and serial data transmission?

  • What is the difference between rigid and solid state drives?

  • Describe the purpose of an interrupt.

  • Describe how multiple I/O devices are connected to the CPU.

  • What are characteristics of a bus?

    1. Cloud Computing is used as a means to provide off-site computing power to an organization. Describe the three main types of Cloud Computing platforms.

  • What is the purpose of the control unit in a channel architecture? What type of computer generally uses this approach?

  • What are the computer system requirements for handling I/O devices?

  • What are the four pieces of data required for CPU to initiate a DMA (Direct Memory Access) transfer?

  • List and describe the three addressing modes.

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