Define ethical stewardship

Communication Style Case Study Use Case Study: Communication Style Match in Chapter 3 of your Interprofessional Health Care Team text and the results from your communication assignment to complete this discussion. In your initial post, describe how you would communicate with team members in your discipline who exhibit each of the four communication styles. Incorporate the concepts from The Johari Window as described in your text. Be sure to include at least one APA-formatted citation (in-text plus full reference). The citation may be from your course text, assigned readings, or an outside source. Remember to refer to the guidelines in the Faculty Expectations message as you prepare your post. Response Guidelines Read and respond to your peers’ posts according to FEM guidelines. Provide feedback on the learner’s suggested communication techniques for specific types of people. Ask questions or request clarification. If your response offers an alternative viewpoint or refers to the ideas or work of others, your assertions must be supported by citing an outside source, using APA formatting. Learning Components This activity will help you achieve the following learning components: •Describe leadership styles. •Define ethical stewardship. •Identify effective communications strategies.

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