1.Define the family as a social institution

2.Identify and discuss the basic concepts surrounding family

3.Identify global variations of the family including region, religion of choice, and thoughts on how the specific region may lead someone to choose a particular religion.

4.Discuss patterns associated with marriage, residence, descent, and authority.

5.Discuss briefly each of the different theories associated with the family such as; Structural Functionalism, Social-Conflict, Feminist Theories, and Symbolic Interactionism.

6.Discuss and identify the stages of family life.

7.Discuss briefly the U.S. family in terms of class, race, and gender.

8.Identify and discuss the transitions and problems in family life.

9.Discuss the impact of technology on the family.

10.Identify future patterns of the family as a social institution.

11.Define religion as an institution.

12.Discuss briefly the Structural Functionalist, Symbolic Interactionist, and Social Conflict approaches and theories to religion.

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