This paper is about fracking technique in oil and gas industry.  I expect a concise definition of a Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) on fracking technic employed in oil and gas industry, its goals and scope.

You can provide a figure illustrating the whole process. Then, you have to use the examples of one fracking site in Texas and one in the UK. Perform an inventory analysis using figures available in official documents, policy documents, scientific literature, and stakeholders’ websites. If data is missing, realize estimations by explaining how you came up with these numbers (i.e. calculus, statistical estimations, extraction of info from sources, etc.). Adapt the different stages of LCA to both specific sites. Add maps and graphs to make support your statements.

Interpret your estimations or provided numbers.To what extent LCAs allow the quantification of GHG emissions? How can you criticize the application of LCAs in real life?

Compare your results for Texas and UK and conclude. What is different? Similar? What is the most appropriate way to perform an LCA? ”

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